Computer Science & IT

Computer Science and Engineering is concerned with the theory and practice of feasibility, design, implementation and evaluation aspects of computing. The Department of Computer Science & Engineering is an emerging technology for career opportunities.

The programme covers the fundamental elements of computer Hardware, Programming and Organization used to develop modern technology. It serves a wide range of professional interests and therefore takes a broad based approach to practical computer applications.

Information Technology being the foundation of modern communication demands professionally competent information technologists. The department of IT has bloomed into an excellent education center to meet this demand and strives in improving skills, taking into account the technological advancement and the information explosion.

Our computer center is well equipped with P4 systems and internet facilities, besides excellent band of technical and supporting staff to simulate the lab. The laboratories include Software Development Lab, Network Programming Lab, Operating Systems Lab, RDBMS Lab, etc.

This department has the following courses:

B.E. Computer Science.

B. Tec. Information Technology .